If you would like general information about the
Hawai'i Diamond Approach, how to attend an introductory public presentation, or how to schedule a meeting with a
Diamond Approach teacher please contact:

Jim McCall   808.870.2222
Laine Assid   808.280.2115

To attend the introductory public presentations
please see the Public Events page.

For information about joining the Hawai'i Diamond Approach group which is currently still open to new members please contact:

Karen Solomon Brewer 808.276.6221
Prakash MacKay   808.264.6266

Private Work
Diamond Approach Teachers offer private (one-to-one)
sessions as part of the Diamond Approach teaching.
Some individuals begin their involvement with this spiritual path through these private sessions, and private sessions are an integral part of participating in a Diamond Approach group.

If you would like to speak with a teacher about having private sessions please contact anyone listed on this page.

What Is the Diamond Approach?
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