Hawai'i Diamond Approach: Primary Teachers

The Hawai'i Diamond Approach group is taught by Ridhwan teachers Morton Letofsky and Deborah Ussery. Residents of Boulder, CO, Deborah and Morton travel to Maui, Hawai'i, Houston Texas and California to teach groups, work individually with students, and train teachers in the Diamond Approach. Their Maui group has been ongoing since 1988 and the Gulf Coast group has been ongoing since 1996.

Morton Letofsky

Morton Letofsky was one of Hameed's first students. He is President of the Ridhwan Foundation, Director of the Mid-Region Seminary Program, and Senior Lead Teacher for both the Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group and Gulf Coast Diamond Approach Group.

"The Diamond Approach is a spiritual teaching born
out of our times and culture. It is uniquely designed
for our lives in these modern times. We have become disconnected from our true nature. We seek spiritual teachings to rescue ourselves from the material trappings we get caught in. Perhaps we hope for a perfect technique or mediation practice or a magical new teacher or some new movement. We long for an escape from all the complications that rob us of our passion and optimism for life. When we are in touch with our being, we can't help but see the beauty, depth and richness of the world. We want to be fully in the world but without the trappings and without leaving the beautiful simplicity of our being."

Deborah Ussery

Deborah Ussery was one of Hameed’s first students. She is the National Director of the Ridhwan Seminary Program and Senior Lead Teacher for both the Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group and Gulf Coast Diamond Approach Group.

"We have the perspective of operating in reality as an individual consciousness that is called the Soul. Direct experience of the aspects we study aligns the soul to a greater reality. We are on a journey of ascent with reality. We always take with us the experience of an individual consciousness, and we start to see that we have blinders. Even though there is more richness within our souls, within our experience, within our lives, we see that there is something still not quite understood, so we begin to question and inquire--who is this experiencer
having an experience?"