Hot Pahoehoe Crack by G. Brad Lewis

The Hawai'i Diamond Approach group was formed on Maui in 1988 by Morton Letofsky and Deborah Ussery. Additional groups
are formed over time as new students begin the work.

  • The First Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group started in 1988 and has 60 members.
  • The Second Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group D started in 2001, has it's own ongoing meetings and has been integrated in to the first group.
  • The Third Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group started in 2006, has 17 members and is accepting new members through February 2014. For more information please visit the CONTACT page.
A new Hawai'i Diamond Approach Group will be forming in the future. For more information please visit the CONTACT page.

Annual Retreat:
Once a year, usually during the summer months, the members of The Hawai'i Diamond Approach participate in a 10 day retreat.

The retreat setting allows the body of work we have been following all year to integrate and synthesize through a continuum of daily practice and unified presence of mind, body, and spirit for an extended length of time.

This setting provides an opportunity for the student to deepen his or her awareness and practice of personal process in a supportive environment.

Retreats are structured as either residential, where we live-in or in a day retreat style where we continue with our daily lives and work in the world along with participating in the retreat intensive. Both formats have proved to be useful as a way of bringing one's spiritual path into daily life experience.